Why Online Grocery Shopping Is Preferable Than Traditional Shopping?

Why Online Grocery Shopping Is Preferable Than Traditional Shopping?

Gone are the days of traditional shopping at markets and grocery stores. People need to move from their homes to get daily essentials in this digital era. And doorstep delivery is a savior for most individuals.

Online grocery shopping on apps and websites makes it much easier to find items quickly. Typing in the name or brand of a product will show you all relevant products, making it much easier to find exactly what you need. With a few clicks on your phone, you will receive your preferred groceries at your doorstep in a few hours or a day, with no more unnecessary and time-consuming trips to the supermarket.

Grocery shopping online for home delivery allows you to shop from your dining room table, couch, or office without navigating crowded aisles and lengthy cashier lines. That means having more time to do the things you love. With the expansiveness of India’s landscape and the high cost of travel, online grocery delivery is the way to go.

While most adults still argue about traditional shopping habits. The battle continues on Online Grocery Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping. The advantages and the convenience of online grocery shopping are listed below.

Here Is Why Online Grocery Shopping Is Preferable to Traditional Shopping

1. Wide range of choices

Many online stores have an invaluable feature that will make the lives of countless housewives a hundred times more straightforward – the component of price comparison. Online shopping does not compel you to remember how much more expensive eggs are in store A versus store B.

Search engines on websites make it much easier to find items quickly. Typing in the name or brand of a product will show you all relevant products, making it much easier to find exactly what you need. And Doorstep Delivery is a saviour for most individuals.

2. Easier to place bulk orders

The likelihood of miscommunication increases when a customer places a large order over the phone. When someone needs a large or complex food order, they choose the easiest option. Often, people want to avoid ordering over the phone because sharing the complete order verbally can be tedious.

Online ordering is a simple solution for large orders, helping to decrease the possibility of miscommunication and increase customer satisfaction.

Choosing to shop online for delivery means you can avoid putting extra miles on your car and save on gas and parking charges. While these savings may not seem drastic, they can add over a year.

Online shopping for home delivery makes buying in bulk much easier—add bulk products to your virtual shopping cart, and they’ll be delivered right to your doorstep.

3. Time-Saving

Shopping online alleviates the need to walk up and down store aisles. Plus, going the delivery route saves you a trip to the store, saving time and gas money. Studies show grocery delivery services slash carbon dioxide emissions in half compared to individual household trips.On the other hand, apps allow them to do their grocery shopping anytime and arrange delivery to their doorstep at their preferred time.

4. Cuts luxury purchases

It’s far too easy to do; you’re walking around the shop grabbing all the items you need, and suddenly a chocolate cake, a packet of biscuits, and some sausage rolls have somehow found their way into your trolley. You didn’t want them before, but now that you’ve seen them, you need them! Shopping online can help you tame impulse buying.

Online grocery shopping in India is gaining a massive share of the market. They help you eat healthier, save time and be a more budget-savvy shopper. The delivery app helps users trace the location and order based on their needs. This helps reduce the overall number of food items in the home and access to high-fat food options. Participants reported that the delivery service led them to make healthier choices without passing by aisles of tempting foods. 

5. Experience In-Store Prices and Sales

Online shoppers will experience the same great prices and sales as our in-store shoppers, making for an affordable experience that anybody will enjoy. Plus, shoppers can take advantage of online-only discounts when shopping.

6. No Impulse Buying

It happens to the best of us at a grocery store. We see the big promotions in pallets or displays in the middle of aisles. The FOMO kicks in, and we buy items we don’t need!

These promotional displays are strategically placed at grocery stores to entice customers. They are in high-visible locations and usually offer a discount. There’s less impulse buying with online grocery shopping. It’s easier to stick to your shopping list and avoid buying items you don’t need!

7. Shop in a Pressure-Free Environment

When you walk into a grocery store aisle packed with people and shopping carts, the pressure is on! Looking at different products to compare prices can be daunting.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry, and it feels like someone is watching you all the time behind your shoulders. With online grocery shopping, this is not an issue at all. You’re the only person in the aisle who can take as much time as you need before making that purchase decision.

8. Check Deals and Coupons Online

When you shop for groceries online, deals and discounts appear at your fingertips. You don’t need to worry about clipping coupons or missing price tags on store shelves. You can easily apply digital coupons to qualifying items in your cart.

If you have a store loyalty card, you can use it for online orders and continue to receive benefits. Most grocery stores apply discounts associated with your card to online orders.

Well, at times, there could be certain disadvantages of online grocery shopping.

Here are the few disadvantages associated with them:

1. It can be more expensive. Depending on the store, there can be additional costs for usage and delivery fees.

2. You cannot handpick each item. Buying fresh produce can be challenging since you cannot see the item's quality before you buy it.

3. You may still need to go to the grocery store. If you only use the online services for your weekly or bi-weekly trip, you may still need to go to the store for perishable items.

4. Go to the store and get what you want without delay in offline shopping. You do not have to wait for 5 to 7 days to get the product, which happens with online shopping.

5. Choose any product with your personalized experience. Touch and feel the product, know how it is then buy if you want or not. Online shopping does not give you this option.

6. Returning any product is easy in offline shopping as getting the product without delay. Go to the store on the day they take the return and return or exchange the product immediately.

7. Getting satisfaction while shopping with friends or family or your loved one is different. You can never get that satisfaction or joy in online shopping.

8. When you shop online it takes much time to research before buying any product. But when you shop offline, some staff handle plenty of customers each day and know what will suit them. So you can get personalized recommendations from them before buying anything recklessly.

9. In electronic payments, your cash may be stuck, or not paid in time. This give-and-take policy is much more transparent than online payments.It has been seen in many stores that they are providing the opportunity to pay by cash or other options like cards, QR codes, UPI, etc. this allows people to buy more offline.

10. Many people in this world, mainly rural and illiterate, do not get access to the mobiles or internet. So, shopping offline is the best option for them to have the things they want without facing any problems.

Instant Genie makes things easy for every household. They deliver groceries, essentials, fruits, vegetables, meat, food, and medicine in major cities. Additionally, they offer a separate service to pick up and deliver packages within the city limits.

The app-based service is online and easily accessible. Instant Genie saves a lot of time during hectic daily schedules and also sorts our daily needs. The virtual assistant also helps us with our shopping and selection. This is a 24x7 delivery app that instantly delivers anything to your doorstep.

You can fill your fridge with fresh, healthy food with grocery delivery services in as little as one hour. Coming home to a delivery of fresh fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses and your usual pantry staples gives you far fewer excuses to turn to fast food after a fun-filled vacation or a crazy day at work.

Whether fulfilling your weekly shopping list or preparing for a dinner party, you’ll experience the same crowd every time. With online shopping, you can add items to your cart, even after making the purchase, until the day of delivery to your home. That means no more treks back to the store for that single item you forgot. Grocery delivery is an essential service that is required in new-age households.

All you need is a grocery app to perform all your grocery orders from the comfort of your house. In theory, you can complete your grocery orders in your pajamas! You can see the level of convenience. Apps save money and time.