10 Best Grocery Delivery Services In Canada For 2023

10 Best Grocery Delivery Services In Canada For 2023

Before the pandemic, grocery delivery services were growing in popularity, but the ensuing lockdowns and worries about public safety made them even more tempting to Canadians. Instacart Canada, PC Express, and Buggy are some of Canada's most well-known supermarket delivery businesses.

Although using a grocery delivery service is simple, there are a few factors to consider before choosing one service over another. Additionally, knowing your options can help you determine which delivery service is best for your family because more Home delivery services are available than you may realize.

List of 10 Best Grocery Delivery Services in Canada for 2023

1. Walmart Grocery Delivery

One of the most well-known retailers in Canada featuring a grocery area is Walmart. There are delivery and pickup options for almost all supermarket goods. Along with groceries, you may purchase clothing, accessories, personal care products, baby supplies, housekeeping and cleaning products, and more.

For pickup or delivery, your Walmart grocery order must total more than $35 before taxes and fees. When you place an order, a store employee will pick up your things and use a partner company to deliver them within the period of your choice, or they will be stored in a locker for you to pick up the same or the next day.

2. PC Express Grocery Delivery

PC Express provides groceries delivery and pickup services in a few places across Canada. Depending on where you live, you can choose from six stores to buy various groceries and household necessities. Enter your postal code and select a store from your neighborhood to place an order.

Choose a delivery window after adding groceries to your cart and proceeding to the checkout. PC's shoppers will choose your order and deliver it to you at the appointed time.

Only a few Canadian cities provide PC Express online grocery delivery. Enter your postal code on the website to determine if you qualify for delivery. There is an iOS and Android app for PC Express as well.

3. Cornershop by Uber

In Canada, you may order groceries, prescription medications, and other items using the Cornershop by Uber app, which will be delivered within an hour. To place an order, utilize the website or the app.

When you check out, personal shoppers are given access to your purchase, and they pick up the items and deliver them directly to your home within an hour or at a pre-arranged delivery window.

4. Instant-Genie

Instant-Genie delivers groceries, essentials, fruits, vegetables, meat, food, and medicine in most major cities. Additionally, they offer a separate service to pick up and deliver packages within the city limits.

 The app-based service is online and easily accessible. This is a 24x7 delivery app that instantly delivers anything to your doorstep. The virtual assistant also helps us with our shopping and selection.

 5. Inabuggy Grocery Delivery

Inabuggy is a website and app that delivers groceries in some parts of Canada. Depending on where you reside, you can get groceries, beverages, and other products from shops, including Freshco, Organic Garage, Summerhill Market, and LCBO.

A personal shopper will pick, pack, and deliver your products when you place an order on the Inabuggy app or website. You can book your delivery up to 30 days in advance, or they will deliver the same day in as short as an hour. Additionally, they have a loyalty program called INABUX that gives you 1-2 cents back for every dollar spent.

6.Save-On-Foods Grocery Delivery

You may order all your necessities from retailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Yukon through the grocery delivery service Save-On-Foods. To place your order, you must create an account, select your groceries, and go through the checkout process.

A Save-On-Foods personal shopper will pack your order as soon as it is received. Orders can be picked up the same day or delivered 30 days in advance. Before taxes, your order must total $40 or more. Each time slot has a different pickup and delivery charge.

7. Amazon

You can purchase packaged and non-perishable groceries on There is a small selection, fresh food cannot be ordered, and prices are typically higher than those of other grocery home delivery apps.

In Canada, Amazon offers delivery practically everywhere. Ordering groceries on Amazon is the same as calling anything else. When you have Amazon Prime, shipping is frequently free and quick. Other than that, delivery costs and times vary.

Unless you're shopping for Whole Foods Market items or something you can't buy anywhere else, ordering groceries from Amazon isn't worth it.

8. Longo's

In Toronto and the nearby cities, Longo's is a well-known grocery delivery service provided by Grocery Gateway. Various grocery goods can be ordered for delivery or pickup. You can choose between same-day delivery and scheduling a delivery or pickup date for one of the following seven days.

For pickup, your order must be at least $50 before taxes; for delivery, there is no minimum purchase requirement. Regular delivery windows cost about $7.99, and same-day deliveries can cost up to $14.95. Additionally, Longo levies an Eco Fee that goes toward various environmental projects.

9. Metro

The online grocery delivery service from Metro is accessible in a few Quebec and Ontario cities. You can order necessities for the home, your family, your pet, and your infant for pickup or delivery.

Following your purchase placement, you will choose the pickup or delivery window that works best for you, and Metro's shoppers will prepare your order. For delivery and pickup, there is a $4 assembly fee.

Depending on the retailer and service chosen, delivery costs range between $4 and $8. You may send your groceries in two hours using Metro's Express Delivery service, which Cornershop runs.

10. Voila by Sobeys

The Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, the Greater Montreal Area, and Quebec City all have access to Voila by Sobey's supermarket delivery service. You can also order anything to be picked up at a few Sobeys stores around Canada. Before placing an order, make sure it is available where you are.

You can purchase groceries and other necessities, such as products from Farmboy and Your order must total $35 or more before taxes to qualify for delivery and pickup. The cost of delivery varies by location.

Suppose you live in the Toronto or Hamilton region. In that case, you can purchase Delivery Pass ($14.99 per month), which entitles you to unlimited grocery deliveries at a set price on purchases totaling $35 or more.

Best grocery delivery services in Canada depend on where you live. Some options may be cheaper, but don't cater to your area, which will be little help. You can order from some services up to a year in advance, while others have a speedier response. If you're in a rush, looking at the available time slots will assist you in locating a flexible service that meets your requirements.

Most supermarket delivery services in Canada will offer a delivery or pickup window of at least 30 minutes. However, occasionally, the timeframe is more extended. Grocers are under pressure to create a more agile approach to demand planning cycles to minimize cost and maximize experience due to the rise in demand for speed and convenience.

By 2023, it is anticipated that the global grocery market will generate revenues of $1.9 trillion. New generations of consumers born into the digital age are simultaneously entering the market, changing consumer demands and retailer expectations. While data and technology play a part in these advances, success depends on the ability to put the consumer at the forefront.